If anything I know, I tend to isolate myself from the world. I focus the majority of my time focusing in school or something like that. Thing is, I am the most social and outgoing anti social you will ever meet. Being a commuter from the city to the suburbs probably helps to that social distancing. But I never complain. I’m very happy when I’m alone, doing my own thing, and I never bother anyone. Bliss.

Even when I’m in school my mind wonders to the endless possibilities that isn’t college. The distraction is everywhere. When I’m in the car, I fight with myself which podcast should I listen to? Finance or Phillip Lim (business or fashion)? When I’m in Business law what am I doing? Oh reading beauty blogs. One interesting podcast I listened to was Kat Irlin on Pardon My French. Did you know she was in finance before she followed her passions in photography? I constantly hear people who are in the typical workforce, but them somehow evolved their passions into career

My passions you ask? Shoot, I don’t know! Well I can tell you that its between the lines of fashion, show biz, beauty, editorials, blogs, culture, food, architecture, et cetera et cetera. The list is endless.

It may seems like everything I have just said may not be understandable, but I have to do this. I must do this. This is my plan. While I am focusing on getting TWO degrees, my passion and dreams is this. It is to share my knowledge on beauty and fashion with everyone who wants to listen. My likes are dislikes will be told; my dreams and aspirations will come true, and the first thing that I need to do is this… Whatever “this” is. I guess we shall find out.

I am a huge fan of Banana Republic. While I was shopping for a new business outfit, I found this beautiful tweed jacket and corresponding tweed shorts. I nearly exploded. The reason why I loved this tweed jacket over your ordinary black blazer is that it’s different. It adds fun, color, and texture to any outfit and you can dress it up or down, depending on the time and occasion. In almost all of the photos I took, I had my hair tucked almost giving a faux bob hair look. To me it adds a little bit of an edge and relaxation. Yeah, I could have curled, straighten, or give a sleek hairstyle, but guys… we are all busy people and if you can give a polished look in a matter of seconds, you should do it!



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