That Korean Tofu House In Korea Town

I live in a city in metro Atlanta where you can literally go to every country in the world. In a two mile circumference, there is food every where!


Saturday night after grabbing bubble tea with my friend we were both craving food. Well I was craving french fries because the lady next to us were grubbing on a burger, but you know…

So Angela [pictured below] suggested we go out for Korean food, specifically Korean tofu soup. I immediately thought of the tofu house 20 minutes away, but we decided to hit Chang Dong Tofu on Pleasant Hill. Although the banchan (sides) were lacking in quantity, it had an enjoyable ambiance while Angela and I  discuss politics and dating. haha!

If you’re looking for a warm soup on a cold Saturday night, and is in the area, check out Chang Dong Tofu. Did I mention it included a huge fried fish? Service was NOT suburb, but the food was what I asked for.



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