First Aid Beauty Cult Favorites

Certain beauty product like Hourglass’ highlighters are so good they are famous and have devoted customers and following. With First Aid’s philosophy of keeping skincare simple yet effective, it has targeted consumers on a wide range. From the working mom who has five minutes to get ready to beauty professional, many can find First Aid’s product appeasing.

I’ve had my fair share of exploring different skincare products from different price points; First Aid is one of my favorites. They’re reliable products and adequate prices has kept me a loyal customer every time. The following are my absolute favorites.

Face Cleanser

This facial cleanser is the company’s best selling product. Not only is it fragrance free and gently cleans the face, it also removes makeup and dirt pretty well. I’m not going to lie… there are times when I just wash my face with this cleanser and forget about the cotton pad and makeup remover. It works that well! I have personally bought two bottles of this cleanser for the past three years. A little goes along way. After long term use of this cleanser, I have notice the redness and blemishes have reduced.

Detox Eye Roller

Being a student and a commuter means getting ready early. I love this  metal roller because it reduces eye puffiness and dark circles by distributing lymphatic. With the metal roller, it really wakes you up in the morning. Basically caffeine in a bottle!

SHOP: First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller, First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser


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