IMG_5864Check the weather of your destination(s)

It can be tempting to assume that your destination will have the ultimate tropical climate, but anything can happen- especially if you’re going to multiple destinations. Be prepare and check the weather at least the day before the trip. Make sure your outfits can sustain 50 to 90-degree weather. Pack light and basic but versatile. Hint* Jean jacket and a merino wool sweater.


Do you really need that Hourglass highlighting palette?

I am more than guilty of packing practically my entire makeup collection, but after many trips and mistakes, I have learned my lesson. Don’t pack two highlighting palette and do not pack 4 eyeshadow palette! My tip is to keep things simple. Don’t pack two of everything. That one palette that can take your from day to night? Bring it! Creme eyeshadow that can be lightened or darkened depending on the occasion? Bring it!

Airtravel only allows 3.4 fl oz. 

Liquids… the most important things you probably need on a trip is foundation, shampoo, body wash etc. The secret is to stop by Sephora before or even when you get to your destination. Save a few bucks and visit a Sephora to get your necessities. If your trip lasts more than a week, I would suggest to buy products at your destination rather than trying to fit all of your liquids in a quart size bag.

Pack Light

Keep your travel clothes classic and fuss-free. I try to pack clothes that don’t wrinkle and are versatile. My bag typically contains a pair of black pants, dark blue jeans, two to three blouses and tops, a pair of black heels, and a pair of smart flats. This usually covers any work meeting situation from morning to night.

For me, I try not to overpack by packing in bags. Finding inspiration from packing cubes I would take old shopping bags and will pack one outfit in one bag. Before traveling I would take pictures of what outfit is in what bag. I don’t need to unpack when I reach my destination nor do I have to find that one white tee that’s on the bottom of my suitcase.

Be prepare

Have documentations ready. Whether it is your hotel confirmation email or even your passport always be ready for anything. Especially if you’re going to a different country. Check in with your bank and notify them about your future destinations or else they will think it is fraud and block any transactions going through your accounts.



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