5 Things You Should Do Before You Travel

5 Things You Should Do Before You Travel

IMG_5864Check the weather of your destination(s)

It can be tempting to assume that your destination will have the ultimate tropical climate, but anything can happen- especially if you’re going to multiple destinations. Be prepare and check the weather at least the day before the trip. Make sure your outfits can sustain 50 to 90-degree weather. Pack light and basic but versatile. Hint* Jean jacket and a merino wool sweater.


Do you really need that Hourglass highlighting palette?

I am more than guilty of packing practically my entire makeup collection, but after many trips and mistakes, I have learned my lesson. Don’t pack two highlighting palette and do not pack 4 eyeshadow palette! My tip is to keep things simple. Don’t pack two of everything. That one palette that can take your from day to night? Bring it! Creme eyeshadow that can be lightened or darkened depending on the occasion? Bring it!

Airtravel only allows 3.4 fl oz. 

Liquids… the most important things you probably need on a trip is foundation, shampoo, body wash etc. The secret is to stop by Sephora before or even when you get to your destination. Save a few bucks and visit a Sephora to get your necessities. If your trip lasts more than a week, I would suggest to buy products at your destination rather than trying to fit all of your liquids in a quart size bag.

Pack Light

Keep your travel clothes classic and fuss-free. I try to pack clothes that don’t wrinkle and are versatile. My bag typically contains a pair of black pants, dark blue jeans, two to three blouses and tops, a pair of black heels, and a pair of smart flats. This usually covers any work meeting situation from morning to night.

For me, I try not to overpack by packing in bags. Finding inspiration from packing cubes I would take old shopping bags and will pack one outfit in one bag. Before traveling I would take pictures of what outfit is in what bag. I don’t need to unpack when I reach my destination nor do I have to find that one white tee that’s on the bottom of my suitcase.

Be prepare

Have documentations ready. Whether it is your hotel confirmation email or even your passport always be ready for anything. Especially if you’re going to a different country. Check in with your bank and notify them about your future destinations or else they will think it is fraud and block any transactions going through your accounts.



First Aid Beauty Cult Favorites

Certain beauty product like Hourglass’ highlighters are so good they are famous and have devoted customers and following. With First Aid’s philosophy of keeping skincare simple yet effective, it has targeted consumers on a wide range. From the working mom who has five minutes to get ready to beauty professional, many can find First Aid’s product appeasing.

I’ve had my fair share of exploring different skincare products from different price points; First Aid is one of my favorites. They’re reliable products and adequate prices has kept me a loyal customer every time. The following are my absolute favorites.

Face Cleanser

This facial cleanser is the company’s best selling product. Not only is it fragrance free and gently cleans the face, it also removes makeup and dirt pretty well. I’m not going to lie… there are times when I just wash my face with this cleanser and forget about the cotton pad and makeup remover. It works that well! I have personally bought two bottles of this cleanser for the past three years. A little goes along way. After long term use of this cleanser, I have notice the redness and blemishes have reduced.

Detox Eye Roller

Being a student and a commuter means getting ready early. I love this  metal roller because it reduces eye puffiness and dark circles by distributing lymphatic. With the metal roller, it really wakes you up in the morning. Basically caffeine in a bottle!

SHOP: First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller, First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Wednesday Afternoon Shopping Before Madness

Wednesday Afternoon Shopping Before Madness

One year,  I kid you not, my friend and I decided it was a good idea to go shopping on the eve of Christmas Eve. Let me tell you, it was one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my life (next to the one I decided to go Black Friday Shopping at Lenox- never again). Today, I took the liberty to not repeat history. My cousin and I took around town and looked at a couple of stores, and it was nice. Going shopping on a week day is great. Not only are you going on a day when there’s school, but it’s a day when a decent amount of people are getting there Christmas shopping done. Hopefully by the end of this year or next year there will be more sales. Keep in mind, that the Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates. If interest rates goes up, all sorts of expenses will follow.

How the Fed’s Increase Interest Rate Can Affect You


As of December 14, 2016 the Fed raised its rate to a range between .5% and .75 percent at a very low level. The Fed’s gave little indication that the election of president- elect Trump altered its economic outlook.

“My colleagues and I are recognizing the considerable progress the economy as made,” said Janet L. Yellen. The central bank’s decision can affect the cost of housing, cars, student loans, mortgages, and even the interest on your credit card (not all right away). Economists talk alot about the influence of interest rates on us the consumer. For the longest time, the rate has been close to zero to bring the country out of a recession. Trump promisesed to increase economic growth measures like tax cuts and intrastructure, but if the economy continues to grow, expect interest rates to raise. The greater the stimuli, the faster interest rates are likely to rise.

Mortgages- Most home buyers opt for a 30- year, fixed rate mortgage. Long term mortgages regularly does not have a large impact, but if the Fed raises rates, banks will find ways to past higher borrowing rates to its loaners. Keep this in mind, as mortage rates go up, people are discourage to buy a house and are less likely to refinance.

Car loans- One time when I was driving around Atlanta, I saw a dealership was advertising its interest of 7.97%! Are you kidding? Who in the right mind would borrow at that rate? However, expect car loans to climb in response to recent news. It is predicted that interest rates will continue to climb in the next decade, so there is still time. If you’re thinking of buying anytime soon either now or in two years? Do it now.

Student loans- To all my peers and college students out there. This is for you! The pain is real. Federal loans are tied to 10- year Treasury rate, so start to think how you will be paying for college. Interest rates will be coming over the decade, so students or parents planning to take out a loan can expect student loan rates to rise. RIP to hopes and aspirations and hello higher student debt.

The 5 Mascara Every Woman Should Have

I always dream for thick, and long eyelashes that flutter every time you shutter your eyes. Think Olivia Palermo and Adele. Can I say GOALS? For  the past months I have been thinking about eyelash extensions, but after hearing my cousin’s horror story, I think not. When it comes down to it confidence and a great mascara can carry a girl a long way. Here are my favorite mascaras and what I think every woman needs on her vanity. Maybeline The Falsies Push Up Drama ($10) – This mascara celebrity/ model face was Gigi Hadid. After walking many Victoria Secret Runway shows she knows alittle thing about bras and heavy lifting if you know what I mean. The brushes are cup shaped and allows the creamy product to distribute onto the lashes. And it says what it says. While it can be alittle clumpy, from afar you get dramatic dark lashes that can be seen a room away.

LANCÔME Hypnose ($28)- This buildable mascara allows the lashes to get as much product as much as you want without clumping together. Listen people, we don’t want any our lashes to look like A lash. Although the brush doesn’t look much, it is perfect for buildable lashes for your day/ night away. If you want drama, this is the mascara for you.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara ($8)- If I had to choose a mascara for a “no makeup look” this will be it. It is not only volumizing, but it lifts every lashes and makes your eyes brighter. Once you get the mascara, you will notice the brush is different and gets every lash and lifts them. The bristles are small enough to touch every lash like the those tiny ones on the corner of your eyes- giving well a butterfly effect.

Diorshow Black Out Waterproof ($29)- I’m not much of a waterproof kind of person; its only when I know I’m going to sweet or I’m going to a waterpark, will I wear a waterproof mascara. The important thing to keep in mind to waterproof makeup, is making it last. Let me tell you, the ingredients in this product will make your lashes last all day even after hours at the pool. Not only does it last, but it intensifies the color of your lashes making it more noticeable. This product not only make your lashes look great, but it will not be going anywhere.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23)- After using this mascara, your lashes  will be thanking the gods that you blessed them with perfection. If I could use one mascara for the rest of my life, it will be this mascara. Its all in one- volume and length. Your lashes are defined and elongated to perfection. I have non existent lashes, so having this mascara  makes my lashes thicker which I love!

That Korean Tofu House In Korea Town

I live in a city in metro Atlanta where you can literally go to every country in the world. In a two mile circumference, there is food every where!


Saturday night after grabbing bubble tea with my friend we were both craving food. Well I was craving french fries because the lady next to us were grubbing on a burger, but you know…

So Angela [pictured below] suggested we go out for Korean food, specifically Korean tofu soup. I immediately thought of the tofu house 20 minutes away, but we decided to hit Chang Dong Tofu on Pleasant Hill. Although the banchan (sides) were lacking in quantity, it had an enjoyable ambiance while Angela and I  discuss politics and dating. haha!

If you’re looking for a warm soup on a cold Saturday night, and is in the area, check out Chang Dong Tofu. Did I mention it included a huge fried fish? Service was NOT suburb, but the food was what I asked for.